Portugal Wildlife

An Illustrated Wildlife Biodiversity Catalogue for a

40 Hectare (100 Acre) private Nature Reserve in

Baixo Alentejo, Southern Portugal

November 2017: New species: Dartford Warbler

Number of Species Recorded on the Reserve
Birds 106
Flowers 51
Mammals 12
Butterflies 9
Reptiles 6
Amphibians 4
Dragonflies 6
Trees 7

October 2017: New species: Black Vulture

October 2017: New page: Spring Watch - a gallery of wildlife seen at a natural Spring.

September 2017:

New Mammal Species: Eurasian Otter

August 2017:

New mammal species seen: Mediterranean Polecat !

July 2017: A new page has ben set up: Wildlife at Windmill Pond.

June 2017: Fantastic news. We have just purchased additional land and our private nature reserve is now 40 Hectares (100 Acres) in extent. All of which is a no hunting area where wildlife will be safe and protected.

June 2017: Partially leucistic Eurasian Collared Dove seen at the pond (right hand bird of the pair) showing nearly white plumage.

June 2017: Looks like our Iberian Foxes now have cubs. Firstly we have seen two foxes together on the TrailCam. And now a fox has been photographed carrying a redlegged partridge chick in its mouth, most likely on its way back to its den to feed cubs.

2017: We have now put up official "No Hunting" signs all around the wildlife reserve's outer fenceline. So we are now an area where there is "Não Caça" (No Hunting) allowed.

Red over white "No Hunting" Sign - "Não Caça".

Two Sharp-ribbed newts discovered on the reserve. This species is listed as ‘Near Threatened’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Very exciting news indeed.

We are so excitied at having the opportunity to provide a safe home for a near threatened amphibian. Hopefully they will stay in our pond and thrive.

May 2016: See Iberian Fox Gallery for a truly astonishing sequence of photographs.


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