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40 Hectare (100 Acre) private Nature Reserve in

Baixo Alentejo, Southern Portugal

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August 2018:

August 4th 2018: 42 ℃ followed by 1mm of rain in thunderstorm with gusting wind, fed by Saharan dust. The region experienced an" Iberian Plume" over the period 3rd to 5th August. An Iberian Plume is a weather phenomenon whereby hot air from the Sahara moves into Iberia and then further North into Europe and the UK. These conditions can lead to near record-breaking temperatures as well as thunderstorms.

Number of Species Recorded on the Reserve
Birds 121
Flowers 121
Butterflies 19
Mammals 17
Dragonflies 12
Trees 8
Reptiles 7
Amphibians 4

Well-grown Iberian Fox Cub.

Little Grebe with Four chicks, one riding on Adult's back

As opportunities arise a variety of bird songs and calls will be posted to the website, especially for species that have not yet been photographed. All such recording will be made on site on the nature reserve.

Other animals, such as frogs, may also be recorded over time and sound files loaded. The first sound file to be loaded is the song of the Common Quail on the Bird Field Guide page.

April 2018: The rainfall from 1st January 2018 to 12th April 2018 (388.5mm) was more than all the rainfall in the whole of 2017 (372.4mm).

New Snake Species: Viperine Snake

March 2018: New Mammlal Species: Four Bats, including Greater Horseshoe Bat

March 2018: New Butterfly Species: Female Spanish Festoon

The Flower webpage has now ben updated to show peak flowering times for each species.

January 2018: New Website page that will highlight some of the seasonal events on the nature reserve: Seasons

January 2018: Some new nesting structures have been put in place for the 2018 breeding season, including a custom-designed sandbank for tunnel-nesting birds such as Sand Martins, European Bee-eaters and Common Kingfishers.

December 2017: Occasional notes will now be added to the website regarding local weather conditions. The expected rains that usually start in September or October did not really happen this yea. Re-affirming that this is a drought year - with high temperatures in the Summer and below average rainfall in Autumnr. Just a couple of small showers in October. On 29th November there was 30 mls overnight and on 11th December another 38 mls was recorded.

June 2017: Fantastic news. We have just purchased additional land and our private nature reserve is now 40 Hectares (100 Acres) in extent. All of which is a no hunting area where wildlife will be safe and protected.

2017: We have now put up official "No Hunting" signs all around the wildlife reserve's outer fenceline. So we are now an area where there is "Não Caça" (No Hunting) allowed.

Red over white "No Hunting" Sign - "Não Caça".

May 2016: See Iberian Fox Gallery for a truly astonishing sequence of photographs.


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