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Barn Owls 2020 - Tyto alba alba - Coruja das torres:










April 19th Barn Owl Update: There is now only one surviving Owlet. And the adult Female. But no sign of the adult Male. No signs of food being brought in. Possibly this is a young pair of Barn Owls that are still learning. But the signs are not good. Unless the Female starts to bring in food then the remaining chick will die. Likewise if she abandons the nest and her last chick. We will have to wait and see what happens.

April 24th Barn Owl Update: Male still absent. But Female still attending the sole remaining Owlet which is looking fine.



April 11th: Six or Seven Barn Owlets have now hatched. Possibly one egg did not.

April 16th: 6 or 7 eggs hatched. Difficult to tell how many chicks there still are. Judging from this photo perhaps as few as four or as many as six.

April 7th: Four Barn Owl chicks and three eggs.

29th February 2020: Two Common Barn Owl eggs now laid.

23rd March 2020: The full clutch this year is seven eggs. The last one was laid on 14th March.

Female, on left, incubating their full clutch of seven eggs.

April 3rd: The first two Barn Owlets have hatched.

We will be closely following activities in our Two Barn Owl nestboxes as well as our Little Owl nestbox and Kestrel Nestbox. We are hoping for more nesting activity in 2020.

31st January 2020: Barn Owl in the Barn Owl nestbox on the Windmill.

1st February 2020: Pair of Common Barn Owls. The unringed bird top right is likely the same Female as nested last year. But the male will be a new bird as last year's male died. The three owlets that were raised all have leg rings so they have presumably moved elsewhere.

27th February 2020: The first egg has now been laid by our Common Barn Owls in the Barn Owl nestbox on the Windmill. It is just visible in the centre of the photograph as the female owl stretches her wings.

Little Owl nestbox with wifi camera system.

Little Owl nestbox with wifi camera system.

Second Barn Owl Nestbox with wifi camera system.

Kestrel Nestbox with wifi camera system.

Barn Owl Nest Box fixed to side of Windmill Ruin.

The wifi Video Cam is Solar Powered

The aerial below the Barn Owl Nest Box allows the wifi signal to travel the 800m to our Office.



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