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I am now starting to take some photographs of birds attracted to a variety of bird feeders.

Blue Tit ; Great Tit ; House Sparrow - Male, Winter;

Blue Tit ; Blue Tit in heavy moult (or with feather loss) ; Blue Tit with Crest Raised ;

Eurasian Nuthatch ; Eurasian Nuthatch ; Eurasian Nuthatch ;

Blue Tit ; Great Tit ; Chiffchaff ;

Blue Tits

Chiffchaff ; Short-toed treecreeper ; Short-toed treecreeper ;

Blue Tits

Blue Tits ; Chaffinch ; Chiffchaff ;

Great Tits

Great Tits

Blue Tits

Blue Tits

Eurasian Collared Dove ; Eurasian Nuthatch ; Woodlark ;

Male House Sparrow in Winter Plumage ; Chiffchaff ; Eurasian Nuthatch ;

Bird Feeder and Photographic Perches set-up ; Photography in Progress ! ;


Notes on original bird hide photo project: Old Bird Feeder Project


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