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Breeding Season 2019:


Corn Buntings are already singing in January.

February: Spiny Toads in amplexus (mating). Note that the male, on top, is much smaller than the female. Photographed in daytime at Windmill Pond.

February: Spiny Toad spawn. These toad eggs were laid in a number of strings in a temporary rain puddle.


December 2018: Male Common Kestrel hunting for Mediterranean Pine Voles from the Kestrel nest box. First sighting of a Kestrel at the nest box !

January 2019: Male Common Kestrel sitting at the front of the nest box. As photographed by the wifi camera fixed to the nest box. This is the first time the kestrel has been seen sitting in the nest box as opposed to on top of it.

Here the Male Common Kestrel (see picture on left) has been photographed from my office window. The nest box wifi camera can be seen at the top right of the nest box.

Female Common Kestrel hunting from perch on electricity cable. It is hoped this female will pair with the male seen at the kestrel nest box this Spring.














Status January 2019:

A new Nest Box has been put up in the reserve. The target species is the Common Barn Owl.

Common Barn Owl: This nest box has a live video camera feed via wifi (with an aerial extending the wifi signal) direct to a computer in the office.

Photos of Installation of the Barn Owl Nest Box system:

Windmill, built in 1839, chosen as site to mount Barn Owl Nest Box with WiFi camera system linked to Office.

WiFi Aerial mounted onto office wall - facing Windmill 800m away.

WiFi Aerial Extender being mounted below Nest Box. This has the capacity to extebd the WiFi signal to 1.2km.

Solar Panel sited on top of Windmill.

Solar-Powered Battery hidden in alcove on inside of Windmill.

The Office can be seen in the distance, some 800m away.





Previously installed Nest Boxes and Nesting Sandbank:

Nest Sandbank: With holes leading to embedded Sand Martin nestboxes and plastic pipes for birds such as Bee-eaters. The rest of the sand bank can be tunneled into by any tunnel-nesting

birds such as Common Kingfishers.

Pre-fabricated Sand Martin Nest Boxes being incorporated into the Nest Bank ; And Nesting tubes for species such as European Bee-eaters (with floor cut out for drainage)

Pole-mounted Kestrel Nestbox with wifi live Video Camera feed to office:

Wall-mounted Blue Tit/House Sparrow Nestbox with wifi live Video Camera feed to office:

White Stork Platforms:

On Office Roof:

A second White Stork nest platformhas been mounted ontop of the reserve's ruined windmill.

Various other Wooden Nest Boxes mounted on Office wall. Originally intended for a variety of species, including Common Kestrel, Common Barn Owl and Common Swift, most of the nestboxes have been occupied by House Sparrows and Spotless Starlings.


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