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Currently the focus of the camera trapping is to record the resident Iberian Mongooses. But the cameras still offer the chance of recording an Iberian Lynx.

I have a property on a 40 Hectare private nature reseerve in Baixo Alentejo that is covered in Sweet Oak woodland that is managed as a wildlife reserve. I have now started to use a trail camera to survey the wildlife on the reserve. The trail cam is activated by animals moving in front of it using an electronic tripping device. It takes colour photographs during the day and black and white photographs at night.

Since Iberian Lynx (Lynx pardinus) Lince-ibérico have been reintroduced to Portugal there have been a number of sightings of lynx across Southern Portugal. Young males travel over large distances to look for suitable territories in which to establish themselves. A while ago a young male lynx was seen near Odemira a town not far away fromn my reserve. As the reserve has a good, healthy population of rabbits, the main food of lynx, a primary aim of the camera trap project is to capture an Iberian Lynx on digital film !

Iberian Badger ; Iberian Fox ; Iberian Badger ; Iberian Mongoose ; Common Genet ;

Iberian Hare; Stray Farm Cat; Iberian Fox; Iberian Mongoose;

Juvenile European Rabbit, daytime; Redlegged Partridge; European Rabbit, at night; Iberian Azurewinged Magpie; Wood Mouse (killed by predator - not a trail cam photograph; Greater White-toothed Shrew (killed by predator - not a trail cam photograph;

The photograph below shows the full frame picture captured by the camera trap - with data overprinted.


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