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Amazing Series of TrailCam Photographs showing Iberian Fox Behaviour

    Photographs Photographs Photographs


  Iberian Fox at Pond Hide

- The main action lasted nearly One Hour, from 8am




A Rabbit burrrow is discovered in the ramp up to the drinking/bathing pond

Rabbit on lookout near to burrow in pond access ramp

Rabbit sat at mouth of burrow



Iberian Fox approaching the pond

Drinking at pond

A couple of days later at the pond again



Fox Sniffing at Rabbit burrow entrance

Fox investigating the Rabbit burrow

Stood with front legs inside rabbit burrow



Going deeper into burrow





Success ! The Fox has managed to catch a baby Rabbit

The Fox goes back for another look



The Fox attracts the attention of an Iberian Azurewinged Magpie

The Iberian Azurewinged Magpie makes alarm-calls to focus attention on the mammalian predator

The Azurewinged Magpie drops down to the pond for a closer look



Back again

The Fox catches and eats another baby Rabbit

Another look



Down the burrow again

Another rabbit caught

Rabbit in jaws



Iberian Azurewinged Magpie still alarm-calling

The Iberian Fox comes back again

Stood in the burrow



The apex predator catches yet another Rabbit

And quickly eats it



The Fox returns for a further inspection

Once more down the Rabbit hole





The Fox takes a drink at the pond





Another Drink

A short lie down



Check the burrow again

Another sniff

Making really sure there are no more Rabbits



Cannot check too many times !

12 Hours Later - at night

The following Morning at 7.30am





A Snake visits the Rabbit burrow a few days later

And a night-time Cat

A day-time Cat



Iberian Azurewinged Magpie checks out the burrow.

Adult Rabbit back at the burrow a day or so later. Will they contine to live and breed there ?







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