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European Distribution Maps (Using 50x50km Grid Squares) for Mammals found on Wildlife Reserve in Baixo Alentejo


Greater White-toothed Shrew

Iberian Mole

Greater Horseshoe Bat

Natterer's Myotis

Kuhl's Pipistrelle

Common Pipistrelle

Soprano Pipistrelle

The Soprano Pipistrelle (Pipistrellus pygmaeus) is a small bat that in taxonomy was only formally separated from the common pipistrelle (Pipistrellus pipistrellus) in 1999.
The two species were first distinguished on the basis of their different frequency echolocation calls. The common pipistrelle uses a call of 45 kHz, while the soprano pipistrelle echolocates at 55 kHz. The two species are sometimes called the 45 kHz pipistrelle and the 55 kHz pipistrelle, or the bandit pipistrelle(common) and the brown pipistrelle (soprano). Since the two species were split, a number of other differences, in appearance, habitat and food, have also been discovered.  As yet there is no distribution Map for the distribution of the Soprano Pipistrelle.

Iberian Hare

European Rabbit

Southwestern Water Vole

Mediterranean Pine Vole

Wood Mouse

Black Rat

Garden Dormouse

Iberian Fox

Mediterranean Polecat

Beech Marten

Iberian Badger

Eurasian Otter

Common Genet

Iberian Mongoose

European Wildcat


Wild Boar




Use of all the above maps courtesy of European Mammal Society / Societas Europaea Mammalogica: SEM


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