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Recent Sightings 2022 - A blog of interesting sightings in the year.

A gallery of photographs of recent sightings.



Common Snipe ; Common Earthball ;

Common Darter ; Juvenile Black Stork ; Black Kite ; Spiked Water Milfoil ;

Lang's Short-tailed Blues showing Courtship Behaviour ; Strawberry Tree flowers ; Iberian Badger ; Wild Boar ;

Bath White feeding on Yellow Fleabane ; Woodlark in Song Flight ; Small Spreadwing ; European Mantis hunting a Lang's Short-tailed Blue ;

Maria's Worm Lizard ; Garden Dormouse carrying baby in her mouth on way to nestbox ; Eurasian Hobby ; First sighting of European Rabbit at Windmill Pond :

European Crested Tit ; Juvenile Viperine Snake ; Juvenile Viperine Snake hunting Eastern Mosquitofish ; Juvenile Purple Heron at Hide Pond ;

Iberian Badger at Bulrush Pond ; Common Nightingale at Bulrush Pond ; Epaulet Skimmer ; Male Violet Dropwing ;

Male Iberian Mongoose ; Western Bonelli's Warbler ; Iberian Pond Turtle ; Wild Boar drinking at Bulrush Pond ;

Andalusian Barbel spawninbg at night ; Male House Sparrow landing at Bulrush Pond ; European Greenfinch ; Woodchat Shrike with insect prey ;

Eurasian Eagle Owl at Windmill Pond ; Male Violet Dropwing ; Cattle Egret in breeding plumage at Bulrush Pond ; Wild Boar ;

Lesser Water Plantain in Bulrush Pond ; Iberian sub-Species of Yellow Wagtail - Photo by Chris ; Sea Club-Rush ; Common Galingale ;

Male Montagu's Harrier ; Mediterranean Polecat on beach of Bulrush Pond ; Female European Wildcat ; Southwestern Water Vole ;

One of our regular flock of Feral Pigeons foraging; Strawberry Tree flowering ; Iberian Water Frog leaping away from Iberian Mongoose as it approaches Bulrush Pond for a drink ; Green Hairstreak feeding on Rosemary ;


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