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Portugal Distribution Maps (Using 10x10km Grid Squares) for Reptiles and Amphibians found on Wildlife Reserve in Baixo Alentejo



Iberian Pond Turtle

Moorish Gecko


Large or Iberian Psammodromus

- Formerly Psammodromus algirus; Now Psammodromus manuelae

Western Sand Racer or Western Psammodromus

- Formerly included within Psammodromus hispanicus; Which has now been split into three species, including this new one: Psammodromus occidentalis

Maria's Worm Lizard

This map covers Maria's Worm Lizard (Blanus mariae) and the Iberian Worm Lizard (Blanus cinereus). The two species have only recently been split.

Horseshoe Whip Snake

Ladder Snake

Iberian False Smooth Snake

Viperine Snake

Western Montpellier Snake








Sharp-ribbed Newt

Spiny Toad

Natterjack Toad

Iberian Tree Frog

Iberian Water Frog






Use of all the above maps courtesy of : Loureiro, A. Ferrand de Almeida, N. Carretero, M. A. e Paulo, O. S. (eds.) (2008) Atlas dos Anfíbios e Répteis de Portugal. 1ª edição, Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e da Biodiversidade, Lisboa, 257 pp. Reptiles of Portugal, available at the ICNF portal, I.P. Adapted from Loureiro et al., 2008.

Website: Portugal Atlas for Amphibians and Reptiles

European Distribution Maps (Using 50x50km Grid Squares) for the Reptiles & Amphibians found here can be found at:

European Reptile and Amphibian Maps

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