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A look through the Seasons in 2020 on a Wildlife Reserve in Baixo Alentejo

Gallery of some seasonal highlights on the wildlife reserve. All the photographs are taken on the reserve.


January 1st: Blackshouldered Kite eating Rodent - possibly a Southwestern Water Vole.

Iberian Fox.

White Stork

Close up of Iberian Fox.


31st January 2020: Little Owl checking out the new Little Owl nest box.

31st January 2020: Barn Owl in the Barn Owl nestbox on the Windmill.

The Endemic Iberian Gorse flowers early in the year.

Cattle Egret.







1st February 2020: Pair of Common Barn Owls. The unringed bird top right is likely the same Female as nested last year. But the male will be a new bird as last year's male died. The three owlets that were raised all have leg rings so they have presumably moved elsewhere.

Viperine Snake sunning itself while hunting for Iberian Water Frogs.

Iberian Water Frog.

Iberian Water Frogs Mating (Amplexus).


Green Hairstreak.

27th February 2020: The first egg has now been laid by our Common Barn Owls in the Barn Owl nestbox on the Windmill. It is just visible in the centre of the photograph as the female owl stretches her wings.

29th February 2020: Two Common Barn Owl eggs now laid.



White Stork foraging for frogs or other prey in Windmill Pond.

An early flowering plant, Lesser Gorse.

Iberian Water Frog.

Full clutch of seven Common Barn Owl eggs.


Spanish Festoon.

Male Black Redstart. A migrant that normally departs at the end of March.


Common Poppy.

Yellow Water Iris in Bulrush Pond.


Grey Heron in breeding plumage.






April 3rd: The first two Barn Owlets have hatched.

Long-headed Poppy.


Red and Blue forms of Scarlet Pimpernel growing next to each other.

Caterpillar Plant.


Eurasian Hoopoe about to swallow its prey, a Cicada.

European Bee-Eater.

April 7th: Four Barn Owl chicks and three eggs.

Newly hatched teneral Broad Scarlet - possibly a female.


Newly emerged Violet Dropwing - possibly a male.

European Bee-eater bathing while on the wing.

European Bee-eater bathing while on the wing.

Six or Seven Barn Owlets have now hatched.


European Bee-eaters.

Iberian Hare keeping absolutely still, trying to avoid detection.

Iberian Fox.


Booted Eagle being mobbed by Northern Raven.

Northern Raven.

Booted Eagle.

Male Blue Emperor.


Viperine Snake.

Small Skipper feeding on European Umbrella Milkwort.

Redlegged Partridge.



Western Clubtail.


Water Beetle in Bulrush Pond.

Newly emerged teneral Violet Dropwing drying out while sitting on its larval case.

1.6m long Horseshoe Whip Snake at Hide Pond.


Male Blue Emperor.

Iberian Navelwort.

Female Migrant Spreadwing.

Teneral Male Epaulet Skimmer. Abdomen not yet fully blue.


Little Owl fledgling at entrance to nest hole.


Seven Gadwall ducklings on Windmill Pond.


Iberian Psammodromus feeding on nectar of Bottlebrush.

Common Barn Owl roosting in Iberian Holm Oak.


Adult flying in to feed fledgling Barn Swallow at Bulrush Pond.

Bonelli's Eagle being mobbed by pair of Carrion Crows.

Female Iberian Bluetail at Bulrush Pond.

Migrant Spreadwing at Bulrush Pond.


Male Black Percher at Bulrush Pond.

Juvenile Viperine Snake hunting in Bulrush Pond.

Female Blue Emperor ovipositing.

Male Iberian Psammodromus.


Emerald Spreadwing at Bulrush Pond.



Teneral male Epaulet Skimmer at Bulrush Pond.



















































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